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Full Size Audio Guest Book


6 Hours

The Rave

Introducing our enchanting full-size white telephone box audio guest book - the ultimate fun addition to elevate any event. Not only does it preserve the laughter and joy of your guests, but it also serves as the perfect backdrop for unforgettable group photos and selfies.

Step inside, lift the receiver, and let your heart do the talking. Share heartfelt messages, poems, raps, or secrets that capture the essence of the moment. At the close of the evening, we take care of it all, collecting and preserving your cherished messages for you to relive and treasure forever. Your event just found its own time capsule of memories, waiting to be revisited whenever you please.

One of a Kind Vintage-style Phone

Doubles as a backdrop with your Photographer

LED Sign

Easy Instruction Guide

Personalize voicemail greeting

Audio-gram File to share on social media

Download of all your audio files

Unlimited Guest Recording Session

Delivery and setup from a member of our team

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